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Color combination is a great asset to all bridal parties and far from being some small shop, our three floors of extensive stock promises to have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Visit our shop and check out our wide selection of bridesmaid dress, bridal gown search, and Rhode Island bridal gowns. We are a full service shop, and we offer detailed and professional bridesmaid dress service to all our clients. Located immediately off 195 on route 44 (84 Taunton Ave), Helene’s Bridal Shoppe is a breeze to get to.

When you’re looking for the that perfect fit bridesmaid dress, Rhode Island bridal gowns, or bridal gown search for your special day, Helene’s Bridal Shoppe is always available to provide for you. From fantastic Rhode Island bridal gowns, to perfect-fitting bridesmaid dress, to meticulously designed bridal gown search, Helene’s Bridal Shoppe has got it all for you! Visit our shop or browse through our online catalog for our wide array of excellent bridal gown search, Rhode Island bridal gowns and bridesmaid dress.

Our team of courteous salespersons are all dedicated in giving undivided attention to each customer with each scheduled fitting of bridesmaid dress. At Helene’s Bridal Shoppe, we strive to make each customer leave with a smile by providing him/her with only the finest in bridesmaid dress. Even though we are not a discount bridal shop, we are always happy to offer our customer the best available services, as well as our top quality bridesmaid dress, bridal gown search, and Rhode Island bridal gowns. With our expert seamstress, we are able to make necessary alterations to better improve the fit of a dress, assuring you of well-fitted and perfect bridesmaid dress. Helenes Bridal Shop in conjuction with Anthony’s House of Formals has been serving bridal parties, and providing bridesmaid dress since 1944.

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